HJORGENSEN.COM is a website development and programming company.

My creations range from a simple one page HTML website to large sites with shopping carts and Flash animation. My goal is to offer attractive quality websites and products at an affordable price for businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. HJORGENSEN.COM is a sole proprietor, home-based business located in Sebastopol, California.

My services include website development including mobile phone websites, web programming, databases, online shopping carts, modifying graphics, PDF files, content development, forms and much more. I can provide programming in ASP, JavaScript and Flash.

Designing a website can be a daunting task for those who are novices. I like to educate my clients to the forces that lie beneath the giant web called the Internet. Understanding the overall picture helps my clients make better choices regarding the development of their website and choosing the option which best fits their needs and their budget.

I make every effort to spell out all the costs before you sign the contract. No one likes to get started on a project and then find hidden costs. My contracts start with a concrete price for the projected website and include a price list for any addition items you may want to add as the website develops. After the initial website is established, we can create a contract for maintenance of the website at an hourly rate. Special rates for websites are available for non-profit organizations. See the Fees & Services page for my current pricing policy.

I look forward to discussing your website needs and giving you a free estimate.

Heidi Jorgensen